The Little Square Restaurant 3 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7PB

This is a family-run business & diners come here not only for the food but also for the warm atmosphere. The menu is an enticing combination of the sort of traditional brasserie dishes to suit every mood. The small alfresco area is a lovely setting for lunch on a sunny day.

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I dearly love this charming place which we absolutely randomly chose for dinner on our first date 4 years ago with my then boyfriend. The food, the light, Nora Jones - it all created the special atmosphere we wanted to experience again and again, and ever since every time in London, a visit to The Little Square has been a must. - Alexandra

Although the menu is a bit small, the staff were very helpful with adjusting a dish to my (painfully pretentious) dietary requirements. My potato tortilla came cut into galettes and fried to a crunchy crisp, served with a herby tomato salad and a delicious whole artichoke. Quaint and homely, but serving very fine and filling food indeed. - Michael

I had lunch here with a business colleague recently, and we had an excellent meal. It is difficult to find anywhere in the West End where one can have a relatively simple, quick and unpretentious lunch without paying the earth, but this is certainly one such. We ate upstairs but the service was attentive and relaxed; they even turned the indifferent piped music down when asked to. There is a lot of choice in Shepherd Market, much of it good, but this restaurant is particularly worth trying. - James


L'autre Polish-Mexican Bistro 5b Shepherd Street, London W1J 7HP

This cosy unique little restaurant serves many hearty regional dishes, fresh fish and game (Venison, Rabbit, Pheasant etc). Served in a warm, friendly family atmosphere.

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I went for lunch at L'Autre this week for the first time, and what a treat it was! The dining room is very intimate and it was the perfect place to spend a long lunch. The food is honest and hearty, with some absolute gems on the menu. I loved my enchiladas, and the blinis and game feast also came highly recommended. The service was friendly without being over-bearing. - Dale

We'd spotted the restaurant the night before but didn't think we'd have time to fit it in to our busy itinerary but I'm glad we did. It’s a tiny room crammed with memorabilia from the 1940's. Little tables jostle for space and a well stocked bar presides over the scene. We tried the nachos to pay homage to the Mexican side of things plus a plate of chacuterie to keep the Poles happy. Apparently the Mexican theme came about because the Mexican Embassy staff were missing their native food and so the Polish owner obviously diversified. The food was great, the ambience just right and the staff friendly. In an area chock full of restaurants make sure you try this one. - Lotsofspots


Le Boudin Blanc Restaurant 5 Trebeck St, Mayfair, London W1J 7LT

"This will save you the expense of the Eurostar, definitely one of the best French restaurants outside France. Le Boudin Blanc has atmosphere, fantastic food and is an escape from London."

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A solid, very French, bistro in an attractive old building. No tablecloths, close tables, candles, wooden floor and panelling, etc. It has great seating outside in the summer with a large number of tables and heaters. The food is generally excellent with the escargot, mussels and foie gras starters and risotto, lemon sole and steak mains all excellent. It has a good, solid, comprehensive wine list and a helpful sommelier. The staff are friendly, if occasionally a little French in attitude on occasion but that’s part of the charm – it’s authentic. We always enjoy it, perhaps more so because we are regulars. If you want a little bit of France in Mayfair, it’s perfect. - Brit Abroad32

Excellent quality food, authentically prepared. I had the steak tartare with frites (small portions but delicious); two of party had seared tuna but one was overcooked. Excellent (if NOT cheap) wine. Most memorable aspect was the dark but cosy (or intimate with appropriate company) ambiance! - The two musketeers


Al Hamra Restaurant 31-33 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7HP

Established in 1984 and now recognised as one of the foremost Lebanese restaurants offering the very best of authentic cuisine. Al Hamra continues to fulfill its obligations to those who appreciate a varied and healthy diet for a longer sustained life.

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A nice dining option in Shepard Market just a block or two off of Picidilly St. Few cars made sitting outside quite pleasant. My wife had a well seasoned and well prepared chicken dish. I asked for a recommendation about the lamb, and rather guiding me to the more expensive options our waiter inquired about my tastes and ultimately guided me to one of the chopped/ground lamb options. It was excellent. The wine list was somewhat limited, but not overpriced at all for the area and we were able to enjoy a very nice bottle with our meal. Overall, a very enjoyable dining experience. - SWN

Standard Eastern Mediterranean food, but fresh and delicious. Service friendly and prompt, despite being very busy (taken as a good sign!). Plenty of covered outdoor seating. Only quibble - crudite platter turned out to be covered by hefty 'cover charge'! - Phil


Iran Restaurant 27 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London W1J 7PR

Fantastic authentic Iranian food in luxurious and comfortable surroundings. Wide selection of chicken, lamb, fish, cavair and vegetarian dishes - all fresh and bursting with flavour.

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It is best to ignore the menu in this restaurant (the English translation is difficult to follow in any case) and simply ask the waiters what is available and what they would recommend. The few things I tried to order from the menu were unavailable but what finally arrived at the table was excellent and the service was pleasant and friendly. The desserts were the poorest part of the meal....but the starters (hummus and different kind of aubergine dips) were excellent. - Oldpapi

The portions were huge. The kabobs were fantastic - chicken & lamb. The Persian bread is made in front of you in a proper Persian clay oven. The service was brisk and complete. The yogurt was wonderful as was the salad. Wonderful meal. Needed a long walk afterwards to work it off.... - RJM59Ottawa


Sofra Restaurant 18 Shepherd St, Mayfair, London W1Y 7HU

Telephone: 020 7493 3320

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Misto Café 7 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London W1J 7PE

Telephone: 020 7629 3317

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L'Artiste Muscle Restaurant 1 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7PA

Telephone: 020 7493 6150

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Having lived in London for over 30 years I have just discovered Shepherds Market and what a delight. Had a very enjoyable meal this evening at L'Artiste Muscle Restaurant and will definitely be back for more. Great service, good price and fantastic atmosphere. - Carole T


The Old Express Restaurant 30 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QN

Telephone: 020 7499 1299

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Da Corradi Restaurant 20-22 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London W1J 7QJ

Telephone: 020 7499 1742

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The Market Brasserie 18 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London W1J 7QH

Telephone: 020 7491 9442

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Mayfair Tandoori Restaurant 10 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London W1J 7QF

Telephone: 020 7493 5556

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Pizza Rotti Restaurant 1 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7HJ

Telephone: 020 7499 3988

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Caffe In 3 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7HL

Telephone: 020 7493 6400

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Piccolo Bar Café 15 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7HU

Telephone: 020 7629 2965

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Ambasadeur Restaurant 2 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7JB

Telephone: 020 7629 7190

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